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Benefits of Singing Nursery Rhymes

Benefits of Singing Nursery Rhymes

Music brings in a lot of benefits to everyone, including young children. The music that children are most exposed to is nursery rhymes and these help in their overall development. At TomorrowLand Academy, children sing nursery rhymes to help them learn things all the while enjoying singing and dancing to the songs. Teachers at our preschool in El Monte, CA uses nursery rhymes as an interactive learning experience that benefits children in many ways. 

The composition of a nursery rhyme enables fast learning for children where the repeating sounds and words make it easier for them to remember and sing out loud. As children learn nursery rhymes at home or in our daycare in Arcadia, children learn basic knowledge such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, or shapes to positive values and good mannered acts they can apply everywhere they go. With that, singing nursery rhymes improves a child’s memory, vocabulary, and listening skills. 

Nursery rhymes do not only benefit a child’s cognitive abilities but also their physical health where the fun beat of nursery rhymes make the children in our Chinese school in Arcadia dance and move around as they sing, giving them a physical activity they need. There is no doubt why nursery rhymes have been present until this day due to their plentiful benefits to children, especially in their learning journey.

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