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Chinese School in Arcadia, California

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Bathroom

Most injuries that occur to preschoolers happen in the bathroom as per our Daycare in Arcadia. Even when little ones are capable of using the bathroom on their own, the bathroom itself contains many potential dangers that can put your child unnecessarily at risk. Which areas do the dangers usually occur? Bathtub Little ones love … Continue reading

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Kids Shine When They Eat Breakfast Every Day!

We believe that breakfast is as important as all the meals of the day. As educators in a preschool in El Monte, CA, we think that feeding your children breakfast will do more than breaking the fast; it sets the highlights of their day! When they take their morning meals, it improves their ability to … Continue reading

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Managing Children Who Are Picky Eaters

A healthy diet is essential for your children. When you give them the right food, it keeps them nourished and provides them with the nutrients and minerals to grow, play, and learn. You are also preventing them from becoming obese, underweight, or sickly. You may encounter challenges in preparing and serving healthy meals for your … Continue reading

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Getting Down with the Sounds of Music

Music has always been part of our culture. Children of all ages can’t help but express themselves through music. Just by listening to a song on the radio or TV, they involuntarily move their bodies to it. Sometimes, they even know how to sing without knowing the exact words of the lyrics. Also, when children … Continue reading

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