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The Benefits of Learning a Second Language


As the English language is used all over the world, it may seem unnecessary to learn a new language. However, the benefits of learning a foreign language go beyond the benefit of being able to communicate with locals in a travel destination. As a preschool in El Monte, CA, we encourage our students to learn a second language due to its other benefits including:

  • Stimulating the brain
    Learning a new set of grammar and lexis helps the brain take in new patterns and further develop. This challenging task has been known to increase the size of the white and gray matter of the brain.
  • Improving attention span
    Our attention span narrows as the days go by. Learning a new language helps the brain to maintain focus and block out distractions.
  • Boosting creativity
    As a person learns a language, they also get familiar with the culture of the place where the language is spoken. It provides you with a different perspective which allows you to be more flexible and creative.
  • Improving the first language
    A first language or mother tongue is learned intuitively without formal education. Learning a different language requires one to get introduced to grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. You start to be more and more conscious of what you know in the first language.

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