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The Importance of Playtime for Children Now

The Importance of Playtime for Children Now

Going out for fun these days is limited due to the pandemic, and children are also losing the opportunity to go outside and play. With that, children’s play becomes limited as they can only play with what and who they have at home. Children need playtime for their overall development; that is why TomorrowLand Academy encourages parents and guardians to promote more playtime despite the global crisis. Our Preschool in El Monte, CA, seeks to balance children’s school time and responsibilities to give room for playtime as well.

Even before the pandemic started, playtime has already been observed to be decreasing due to increased media use, less safe places to play, strict school schedules, and more. It is during playtime that children learn and explore different skills and knowledge on their own. Playing also works on improving children’s mental health as it gets rid of stress and help them build positive self-esteem. Active play is also highly encouraged now in the age of technology, where children are more at risk of obesity when leaning more to video games. Our Daycare in Arcadia ensures to include activities where children can play and learn at the same time.

Parents and guardians may help their children get more playtime by playing with them and introducing a variety of games and play to switch things up at home. At our Chinese school in Arcadia, children’s playtime is a priority of ours as it strongly contributes to their overall wellbeing.

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