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Tips for Effective Homeschooling Amid a Global Pandemic

Tips for Effective Homeschooling Amid a Global Pandemic

The past months have been a confusing and challenging time for everyone. Many have started working from home and parents choose to homeschool over sending their children outside to go to school.

While parents juggle multiple roles (both caretaker and employer) there will be a few bumps that they may encounter in the process. TomorrowLand Academy would like to give parents a hand with their children’s education by giving them a few tips for effective homeschooling.

As a responsible Preschool in El Monte, CA, prioritize the proper education and training of children, to increase their chances of success in later years.

When teaching children at home, we suggest parents should:

  • Use online resources to supplement their children’s education. Sites like World at Home, Khan Academy, and The Crash Course have a variety of lessons that your children would find interesting.
  • Incorporate their lessons into their daily life. Involve your kids in household activities that provide educational opportunities.
  • Message/ask your school district or Daycare in Arcadia for support and suggestions for educational materials. This way, you can easily determine what sources in terms of the curriculum are available to you.

Get a provider that is both experienced and dedicated to helping your child reach optimum cognitive and physical development, like our Chinese School in Arcadia. Contact us today for details about our programs.

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