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What Confucius Can Teach The Kids

What Confucius Can Teach The Kids

As part of our Mandarin Immersion, it only makes sense that we should talk about the most significant kernel of Chinese culture: Confucianism. Interestingly enough, Confucianism touches upon the very same purpose and philosophy that we have as a preschool in El Monte, CA towards an enriching social environment for kids.

You see, Confucianism is not just a belief system – it is a way of life (a philosophy). Learning a language hinges on knowing the whole breadth of the culture that uses it. That is what immersion is for, after all.

Confucius teaches us that respect for parents and duty to the family are the foundations of personhood and virtues.

“Filial piety and fraternal submission – are they not the root of all benevolent actions?”

Our Chinese school in Arcadia supports Confucian ideas of moral character and filial piety and promotes it to kids. Developing good character begins at home. This idea has developed over time to mean that family is crucial to moral integrity and human worth.

“It is not possible for one to teach others, while he cannot teach his own family.”

And we’ve barely scratched the surface! For a holistic and captivating immersion into Mandarin, TomorrowLand Academy is the Daycare in Arcadia to go to, now with a brand new upgraded facility.

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