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What Epictetus Says About Knowledge

What Epictetus Says About Knowledge

We believe that every child is naturally talented and skilled in different ways. And as a Preschool in El Monte, CA, we take it as our responsibility to guide students on how to properly utilize their specialties.

As Epictetus said, “Every great power is dangerous for the beginner. You must, therefore, wield them as you are able, but in harmony with nature.”

The philosopher believed that true education consisted of recognizing that there is only a single thing that completely belongs to an individual and that is his will or purpose.

In our Chinese school in Arcadia, we also believe that every individual born into this world has a purpose beyond their own imagination and understanding.

Therefore, we make sure to instill discipline, perseverance, and dedication in our students, to help them manage their day to day activities in school and at the same time help them start identifying and fulfilling their missions with humility and modesty.

Our Daycare in Arcadia believes that confidence in your natural abilities is important, however, overconfidence is something that we must avoid.

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