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A Hyperactive Child Needs Attention and Care

A Hyperactive Child Needs Attention and Care

Does your child show signs of hyperactivity, such as bouncing around the house all day or tossing things all over the place with seemingly unlimited energy? Although sometimes, parents become delighted when their child is so full of energy and life, they need to understand hyperactivity better.

Hyperactive children tend to have problems when it comes to paying attention or sitting still. They can also become impulsive, doing things without thinking about the consequences. As for following directions and listening skills, it becomes a struggle for them and their parents.

When your child is hyperactive, it does not mean that they will become terrible people. They only need certain activities to channelize their energy and reasoning. Of course, they also need more of your attention and patience.

In our Chinese school in Arcadia, we have noticed children who cannot seem to sit still keep fidgeting or squirming and, eventually, they start bouncing around the classroom to play. As educators, we always make it a point that our school is not all discussion and learning the Mandarin language, but we also incorporate play-based activities that allow children to channel their energy.

Also, in our daycare in Arcadia, we help children deal with their feelings. It is always essential to lend an ear to a child’s interests, concerns, and frustrations to let them know that someone cares.

As your child grows, it may be beneficial if you let them engage in activities, such as sports, dancing, or martial arts where they not only channel their energy but learn discipline and attentiveness.

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