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Managing Children Who Are Picky Eaters

A healthy diet is essential for your children. When you give them the right food, it keeps them nourished and provides them with the nutrients and minerals to grow, play, and learn. You are also preventing them from becoming obese, underweight, or sickly. You may encounter challenges in preparing and serving healthy meals for your … Continue reading

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Getting Down with the Sounds of Music

Music has always been part of our culture. Children of all ages can’t help but express themselves through music. Just by listening to a song on the radio or TV, they involuntarily move their bodies to it. Sometimes, they even know how to sing without knowing the exact words of the lyrics. Also, when children … Continue reading

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Smart Toys and Activities for Preschoolers

At TomorrowLand Academy, we believe that children in preschool have longer attention spans compared to toddlers. They are often curious and like to ask plenty of questions to satisfy their inquisitiveness. They also prefer to examine and experiment with things to expand their learning and discovery. As parents, you need to understand the type of … Continue reading

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Why Is Storytelling Important for Preschoolers?

Kids are curious beings. They like discovering new things and get fascinated by them. With good storytelling, kids can get lost in their imagination as if they are adventuring in a different world. It can be exciting when they know more about their favorite characters because it will be fun to emulate them. It can … Continue reading

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Kicking Off the Season the Right Way

Kids who are active in sports can empower them to interact with others. It also develops and improves their health, physical skills, and self-esteem. On top of that, it can influence them to apply the same efforts in sports to their studies. Good sportsmanship Good sportsmanship is also something that we teach your kids at … Continue reading

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