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Getting Down with the Sounds of Music


Music has always been part of our culture. Children of all ages can’t help but express themselves through music. Just by listening to a song on the radio or TV, they involuntarily move their bodies to it. Sometimes, they even know how to sing without knowing the exact words of the lyrics. Also, when children hear their parents sing, they find it enchanting and soothing. That’s how powerful the effect of music is.

Allowing your preschoolers to experience the art of music can help accelerate their brain development. In our Daycare in Arcadia, your children can learn the sounds and meanings of words, strengthening their memory skills. Since they want to express themselves through music without feeling self-conscious, we believe that it allows time to make their mind and body eventually work together.

Did you know that bilingual children can benefit from singing songs in their second language? In our Chinese school in Arcadia, we can develop children to become bilingual through music. Even if the words are foreign at first, imitating the words in a song can encourage children to produce sounds in Mandarin. Conclusively, the sounds contribute a way to understanding as they practice the song repeatedly.

Within each child is the inherent joy in learning and an intense desire to become skilled and confident. In this regard, we strive to create an environment where children feel safe, cherished, and empowered. At TomorrowLand Academy, children are free to work at their own pace. We believe that they learn better within a social atmosphere that supports each child’s unique personality.

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