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Getting Ready for a New School Year

Getting Ready for a New School Year

The summer season is at its end and a new school year is about to begin. This is usually when most parents go shopping for school supplies and new fall clothes for their little ones. But, opening a new school year isn’t just about buying your kids new school supplies and outfits; it also means re-engaging their minds, preparing them for another round of school.

As an established Chinese school in Arcadia, we at TomorrowLand Academy would like to offer a few tips to help parents make sure that their children are 100% ready when the first school bell rings.

  • Talk about the event with your kids.
    Some children may find the opening of a new school year to be stressful. It’s important for every parent to know how their child feels about it and walk them through their emotions.
  • Get them back on their usual school schedule.
    Gone are the days that you let them stay up playing video games or watching TV. This will make their transition from vacation time to school time easier.
  • Get them back to reading a book or two.
    Preschool in El Monte, CA focuses on developing your child’s basic cognitive skills. Giving them a head start by reading with and to them can help a lot in their progress in terms of education and skill-building.
  • Make time to do things as a family.
    A new school year can be hectic for both the parents and the child. It may get difficult to squeeze some family time once the full throng of school life begins. Make time to bond over the little things while you still can.

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