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How Swings Can Help Your Child’s Development

How Swings Can Help Your Child’s Development

When a child hears the squeaky sounds of the playground swings, it’s enough to spark their excitement. A swing set can be exhilarating for your child. It creates an inspiring emotion of flying or a thrilling sensation of falling to them.

Swings can also create relaxing effects on your child. They can enjoy the soft breeze as they go up in the air and watch the environment and other people. The activity can result in happy and positive thoughts!

Playing on a swing set is not only fun but is also an activity that has many health and developmental benefits. TomorrowLand Academy has rounded up some of them:

  • Development of gross motor skills.
    When your child pumps their legs to gain more height in the air or jumps out of their swing, it develops their coordination and balance skills. Since leaping out of the swing set requires them to run back to it, this also aids their locomotion skills.
  • Strengthening of muscles.
    When your child pushes a playmate on the swing set, they use their arm muscles. The same goes when they grip the chain of a swing for balance; they also use muscle strength. With these grips, there is finger coordination as well, which is essential for your child when they learn to write or draw.
  • Development of sensory integration.
    When your child swings, it incorporates their inner ear balance and spatial awareness. Swinging stimulates these senses and gives their brain practice at interpreting and organizing spatial information. All these are essential for complex learning, especially at a Chinese school in Arcadia!
  • Improvement of social skills.
    The educators of our preschool in El Monte, CA believe that letting your child play with swings can allow them to build friendships. Your child can take turns with a playmate in pushing and swinging.

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