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How You Can Help Build Your Child’s Mandarin Skills

How You Can Help Build Your Child’s Mandarin Skills

Have you enrolled your child in our Dual Immersion Mandarin Program at our preschool in El Monte, CA? Then you have given them a helpful tool for their future success. Researchers have long studied the benefits of bilingualism for children. It can improve memory, analysis, self-esteem, and civic consciousness.

But how can you, as a parent, help them learn Mandarin? Your participation is key in helping them develop skills they can use for life, and that goes for language skills. At our Chinese school in Arcadia, we offer you some helpful tips.

  • Practice it with them.
    Learning a language is all about input and practice. To help them learn Mandarin, you can try using it with them as much as possible. Use it during scheduled “practice sessions,” during your drive to our school, on the street, and more.
  • Sing nursery rhymes in Mandarin.
    Many popular nursery rhymes have versions in Mandarin that you can easily find online. So let your child listen and sing along! This is an easy, fun way to practice pronunciation, accents, tones, and other parts of the language. If you’re adventurous, practice Mandarin nursery rhymes instead.
  • Immerse them.
    Immersion provides the best possible environment for language learning. You can easily find an immersion program at our daycare in Arcadia. In it, your child gets to talk to teachers who use Mandarin on a daily basis.
  • Make it fun.
    Children tend to learn better when they are fully engaged. Therefore, you should try making a game out of learning Mandarin. For example: since Mandarin uses a logographic writing system (meaning, whole characters represent single concepts), you can try matching characters with sounds or meanings.
  • Take your time.
    Your child won’t be fluent in Mandarin overnight. Just give them the time and space to appreciate the language on their own. Focus on making the best out of learning sessions.

Do you know other ways to teach Mandarin to kids? Feel free to share them with TomorrowLand Academy. Call now to learn more about our Dual Immersion Mandarin program.

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