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Introducing Play Groups!

Introducing Play Groups!

Playgroups are the best option for parents who want their kids to experience different things but feel like they don’t have enough resources at home for that to happen. With playgroups, children are given some time for one-on-one play with other children. Not only that, but it also provides parents with opportunities like:

  • Meeting new people and making friends with other parents
  • Sharing tips, concerns, ideas, and experiences with other parents in the same situation
  • Learning from other parents and/or caregivers
  • Learning more about the community you live in
  • Connecting with local services like preschools in El Monte, CA, child care centers, etc.

If your child has the opportunity to try different activities, it gives him/her lots of ways to learn and practice what she’s learning. For example, jigsaw puzzles give your child practice at solving problems using trial and error. Making crafts lets your child experiment with different ways to use materials and make things.

Playgroups can also help young children start developing the skills they need for kindergarten and school, like learning to share, taking turns, making friends, and being part of a group.

They may meet once a week, two-five times a week, or maybe only once or twice a month. Parents may be required to remain with the children or they may take advantage of the playgroup period to do activities of their own choosing.

Daycare in Arcadia is also one of the other options parents should explore to encourage child play. Not only does it open new doors to education and learning, but it also increases their social skills while at the same time developing their sense of independence.

Tomorrowland Academy is a Chinese school in Arcadia equipped with skills and expertise to aid your child’s development and learning. Parents can contact us at 626-401-2489 for more information about our services and schedule a tour of our facilities!

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