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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Bathroom


Most injuries that occur to preschoolers happen in the bathroom as per our Daycare in Arcadia. Even when little ones are capable of using the bathroom on their own, the bathroom itself contains many potential dangers that can put your child unnecessarily at risk.

Which areas do the dangers usually occur?

  • Bathtub

    Little ones love to play with water. When you bathe them in the bathtub, they like to splash the water with Mr. Rubber Duck. Because baths are a daily routine, your child will observe and learn how to turn on the faucet eventually.

    At times, when you are busy with housekeeping or talking to someone on the phone, your child can dash to the bathroom and play with water in the bathtub. Without supervision, there is a risk of your child slipping and hitting their head in the process. Submission deaths can also occur in the tub when a child loses consciousness.

  • Shower

    As children become independent, ventures like getting in and out of the shower may sometimes pose risks. They can slip on a slippery floor and hit their head on the wall or get entangled with shower curtains, suffocating them in the process.

    We always supervise the little ones in our preschool in El Monte, CA, especially when they need to pee since any bathroom or toilet can present risks. For your child’s safety, it’s essential that you give them constant supervision, or at least have someone look after them at all times.

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