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Keep Your Preschooler Active for Better Health

Keep Your Preschooler Active for Better Health

Preschool years are a time when a child needs to be developing their motor skills, improving their coordination and building their confidence by playing games and sports.

Educators in our preschool in El Monte, CA have observed that there are a growing number of children who are overweight. Even though your child may continue to be a bundle of unlimited energy, a lot of that energy often goes to waste.

Nowadays, many preschoolers spend several hours a day in front of the TV, computer screen, or their parents’ mobile phones rather than playing outdoors. Whether or not your preschooler is overweight, you still need to make sure that they are still physically active and physical activities become and remain a priority in their life.

As a parent, you need to make sure that your child has access to age-appropriate play equipment, such as short slides, climbing frames, and crawl tubes, which will make their physical activity fun and something he looks forward to doing.

You can bring your child to a neighborhood playground so that they can play and mingle with others at the same time. Better yet, if you have enough space in your yard, you can build or install a playground there. Your child can even invite friends from their daycare in Arcadia to play with them.

During weekends, make an effort to turn family time into something that involves physical activities. Instead of going to the movies, you can take the entire family in a local park to play Frisbee or ball games. You can also go swimming.

Staying active can reduce your child’s possibility of becoming obese and on track for a healthy and happy life. Our daycare and Chinese school in Arcadia even incorporate activities that let them stay active and have fun.

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