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Kids Shine When They Eat Breakfast Every Day!


We believe that breakfast is as important as all the meals of the day. As educators in a preschool in El Monte, CA, we think that feeding your children breakfast will do more than breaking the fast; it sets the highlights of their day! When they take their morning meals, it improves their ability to focus and learn.

When your children are eating breakfast, you also help them maintain their weight. Breakfast allows the body to burn calories and boost metabolism all throughout the day; therefore, it helps keep your children’s weight at a healthy range. It also contributes to their supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep their energy levels up to carry out their daily activities. Make sure that your children consistently eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast daily!

Eating breakfast gives your child the energy to play and socialize with their friends in our Chinese school in Arcadia. School is not just all about learning but also about playing and having fun with other children, including the bilingual ones.

As a Daycare in Arcadia, we suggest that you plan your children’s meals based on healthy food choices from various food groups. You can try the food-based approach! Instead of planning their meal based on the required nutrients, we recommend preparing your children’s meal based on the type of food for consumption, so they can absorb all the needed nutrients.

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