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Chinese School in Arcadia, California

The Foundation of Tomorrow

For one reason or another, a lot of parents want their kids to learn a language that isn’t their own. Naturally, the best time to learn languages is when you’re a kid before your brain really sets in and it can still be molded and shaped a hundred different ways. It’s why a lot of … Continue reading

Making the Best Child Possible

All parents want the best for their child. They want to give their children the best possible opportunities that they possibly can. This includes education, preschool, and other facets of education. The desire to give your child the best possible outcome in life is practically universal, so finding a daycare in Arcadia is important to … Continue reading

Posted in Preschool

How Swings Can Help Your Child’s Development

When a child hears the squeaky sounds of the playground swings, it’s enough to spark their excitement. A swing set can be exhilarating for your child. It creates an inspiring emotion of flying or a thrilling sensation of falling to them. Swings can also create relaxing effects on your child. They can enjoy the soft … Continue reading

Stay Connected With Your Child When You Travel for Work

Being a parent to your child is not always easy. It’s not only because of all the obligations that come with it but also because of the guilt that creeps up whenever you have to leave your child in a daycare in Arcadia when you go to work. If your job requires you to travel … Continue reading