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Teach Kids to Make Friends From Other Cultures


With school just around the corner, your children are going to meet kids who are different from what they are. Eventually, children will begin interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and upbringings which will profoundly shape their assumptions about the world. The most productive of these will be friendships with other children. As a parent, you may want to foster a culture-sensitive understanding while their minds are still formative and allow your kids to engage with as many other kids as they meet.

As a preschool in El Monte, CA, we believe exposing children to positive role models of inter-group friendships will make a big difference in their life. There’s nothing like a good friendship to make a child want to learn more about a culture. Children’s impressionable minds are naturally curious and are drawn to new people and ideas. What parents and teachers can do is encourage kids to have relationships with their peers from different ethnicities.

Children learn other cultures best by experiencing by being immersed in them through age-appropriate lessons and activities. Outside of school, this means letting the whole family attend your local cultural fairs and festivals or celebrate dedicated calendar events because these are some great opportunities to open your child’s curiosities. As a Chinese school in Arcadia, we will be teaching children how to interact with each other. This nurtures their interest in others which can certainly become a boon in their lifelong learning. Count on us to help.

TomorrowLand Academy is a day care in Arcadia that prioritizes the proper education and training of children for success in later years. Contact us today for details about our cultural immersion programs.

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