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Tips to Help Your Preschooler Focus Better


Learning to focus is among the most important skills your child must develop in their developmental years.

As a daycare in Arcadia, we have seen how the ability to focus not only affects their learning and the ability to grasp lessons easily and effectively, but it also impacts their everyday interaction with you and the rest of the family, their teachers, and classmates at school, and even the whole community.

This is especially true in our more intensive programs such as our Immersion Mandarin Chinese Program in our Chinese school in Arcadia in which the ability to stay focused is one of the keys to thriving in the program.

Fortunately, you can help your child cut through distractions and focus better. Here are some of the ways we do this in our very own preschool in El Monte, CA at Tomorrowland Academy.

  • Help them break their tasks into chunks.
    At their age, they may not know yet what to prioritize or organize. Guide them by breaking their tasks into doable chunks. Remember, the longer your child puts off a task, the more difficult it is to get into it.
  • Remove distractions
    By being intentional in setting the environment, your child can learn to separate playtime and the time for concentrating.
  • Be open to what works
    Every child is unique so it makes sense for them to have a unique way of focusing. Some may want to listen to music while doing homework, others may need to have total silence.

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