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Understanding Childhood Fears and Phobias

Understanding Childhood Fears and Phobias

Fear is a normal thing for children to feel at times. This emotion can help kids be more cautious. Luckily, we can help parents help their kids feel safe and learn to be at ease. TomorrowLand Academy is a Chinese school in Arcadia centered around giving your child the right type of support he/she needs.

What do kids feel scared of?

Kids’ fears shift and change over the years. Some fears are common and shared at certain ages.

Here are some examples:

  • Infants feel stranger anxiety.

    At 8-9 months, babies can already distinguish the faces of the people they know. That’s why new faces can look scary to them – even a new babysitter or relative. They may cry or cling to a parent to feel safe.

  • Toddlers feel separation anxiety.

    Between 10 months and 2 years, many toddlers start to fear being apart from their parent. They don’t want a parent to leave them at the daycare or before bedtime.

  • Young kids fear “pretend” things.

    Kids ages 4 through 6 can imagine and pretend. But they can’t always tell what’s real and what’s not. They fear what might be under their bed or in the closet. Many are afraid of the dark, too.

  • Older kids fear real-life dangers.

    When kids are 7 or older, monsters under the bed can’t scare them because they know they’re not real. At this age, some kids begin to fear things that could happen in real life.

  • Preteens and teens may have social fears.

    They might feel anxious about how they look or whether they will fit in. They may feel anxious or afraid before they give a report in class, start a new school, take a big exam, or play in a big game.

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