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When to Get Help with Your Child’s Fears

When to Get Help with Your Child’s Fears

Most kids learn to cope with their varying fears with gentle support from their parent. However, there are some kids that have a harder time and need more help.

Talk to your doctor if your child’s fears:

  • Seem extreme or last past the normal age
  • Cause your child to be very upset or have tantrums
  • Keep your child from doing things — like going to school, sleeping alone, or being apart from you
  • Cause physical symptoms (like stomachaches, headaches, or a racing heart) or make your child feels breathless, dizzy, or sick

Discovering their fears earlier on can help them deal with it earlier, too. TomorrowLand Academy is a Chinese school in Arcadia focused on developing all aspects of your child’s character.

How can I help my child when he is afraid?

When your child is afraid, here are a couple of things you should try doing:

  • Let your child know you’re there to protect them.

    Give hugs and soothing words to help your child feel safe.

  • As your child grows, talk and listen.

    Be calm and soothing. Help your child put feelings into words. Help kids try new things.

  • Let your toddler be apart from you for short times at first.

    When you need to part from your child, make sure that you’re always coming back for them.

  • For your young child who’s afraid of the dark, have a soothing bedtime routine.

    Read or sing to your child. Let your child feel safe and loved.

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