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Why a Second Language Can Be Beneficial for Your Child

Why a Second Language Can Be Beneficial for Your Child

Parents spend years teaching their children how to communicate in English. Correcting grammar mistakes, teaching them to write their names, and helping them understand more complex words are just a few ways of how they expose their little ones to the language. But have you ever thought about teaching your child a second language?

TomorrowLand Academy, a Chinese school in Arcadia, believes that children who learn a second language achieve more in life, and many parents are adapting to the same thought.

Teaching your children a second language at an early age helps them retain and reach fluency more easily and quickly. This is because, between the ages of three and four, the part of the brain that develops language, the left frontal lobe, is still developing. Between the ages of eight and twelve, the language-learning part of your brain usually slows down, making the younger years crucial for learning new languages.

Our preschool in El Monte, CA has an Immersion Mandarin Chinese Program designed to give your children early exposure to another language.

Exposing your child to a second language can help him or her learn about other cultures, too. It can also increase their level of creative thinking. People who are bilingual also have shown better critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and greater mental flexibility. A study even suggests that bilingual individuals have sharper brain functions as they age. Setting your child up with a varied linguistic tool kit can help them prepare for a life as a well-rounded adult.

Enroll your child to our program today!

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