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Winning the Bedtime Battle

Winning the Bedtime Battle

One of the most common concerns for parents is how to get their children to go to bed on time. It’s nothing to be ashamed about – kids tend to be very energetic, more so than their adult counterparts.

We, at TomorrowLand Academy, are glad that you have taken the first step towards bettering your child’s sleep-time. As a preschool in El Monte, CA we are dedicated to fully developing and cultivating your children’s skills so that they may one day succeed in whatever future endeavors they may encounter and want to pursue.

Thus, we are giving our parents at our daycare in Arcadia a couple of tips and tricks on how to get their kids to go to bed on time!

  • Know how much sleep your child requires. The amount of bedtime they require will vary depending on their age. Ask your child’s pediatrician for help you with this matter.
  • Follow a bedtime routine. Creating an easy-to-follow routine can take the stress out of bedtime for both the parent and the child. Maybe start with a relaxing bath before putting on pajamas. After which, a bedtime story and goodnight kisses!
  • Turn off or, if possible, keep all electronic devices away from your kids while they sleep.

Our Chinese school in Arcadia is here to provide you and your children with top-quality educational services. Contact us today to learn more about our various programs!

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